Micro Update: Greenway Users Group 1st Stall

At the weekend we did a little stall on the Greenway to sign people up, and collect postcards to send directly to Thames water as a first step to setting up a lively and active Greenway Users Group.


The response was brisk, and we collected in the region of 60 cards to send to Thames Water in the space of a few hours. It’s heartening to see that people on the street care a lot, some quite passionately, about getting the thing re-opened all the way from Beckton to Hackney Wick.

If people are interested in future stalls or other actions, either in company or autonomously, drop me a line, as I still have plenty of flyers, postcards and am continuing to borrow the folding table! I may come out some mornings to flyer the commuting crowd, or the evening to catch the dog walkers.

I also think it would be great to collect stories about how the Greenway has improved peoples lives, which would be great for getting the message out about how important it is to people’s health and wellbeing around here. Please do join the facebook group, or contact my on greenway@easternism.co.uk or via the comments thread with any questions, comments or suggestions for where to take this.